Why a Story?

During quiet contemplative moments while creating his instruments, Weldon’s imagination has been known to go wild and imagine creatures using the instruments in various mischievous adventures.  These adventures flow from Weldon’s mind through his fingers as the images are burned and painted on the body of the lute, harp, banjo or other.

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Shithouse Rat Banjo

Weldon created two banjos on the theme of ‘Shithouse Rat’. Pick up the story by clicking on the link.

Shit House Rat Banjo

Enchanted Harp

The Enchanted Harp is a fanciful tale involving leprechauns, Easter eggs and harp playing fairies.

The link will take you to an e-Book site where you can flip through the pages using the arrows.

Enchanted Harp

The Fitzgerald Kildare Harp

Weldon fell in love with the sound of harps and had to make a reproduction of this Celtic Irish harp. The original, a 17 th. century harp, is in the National Museum of Ireland

More info on the Fitzgerald Kildare original.

There is lots of information about this harp. Here is a link to one site.

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