The Leprechaun Harp

July 29, 2020

Your text here Weldon… The story of the Harp???.

A beautiful harp, a wisteria vine, two leprechauns, a hedgehog and a turtle. Many pictures burned into the wood.  Oh the stories this harp could tell if only it could talk.

Meet Finnigan, a fun-loving but sneaky little creature.

Seamus, super, super, super sneaky and a little bit mean.

Be polite!  A  four hundred year old leprechaun could be a little grumpy.

What is a prayer worth without a little music and a wee dram of Mead.

A hill, a hedgehog and a mischievous leprechaun.

Finnigan, roadie for the Queen.

From the time the newborn fairy comes out of the Irish sea riding on the back of her unicorn, there is a bond for life.

Even scary creatures need a proper hug.

Even fairies get their shoes repaired.  Who knew?

Wrath of the Queen.

It’s not what you know it’s who you know.


Spiking the punch bowl.

Practical joke on a leprechaun.

It’s just puppy love but it’s real to the puppies, Sean and Siobhan.

It’s nice when the lady you love lives right next door.

We would like to invite you to our wedding in the Meadow, Sean and Siobhan.

Great wine, good food, live music, Myrtle the Turtle’s moonlight honeymoon tours.

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