Fairies, Unicorns, mischievous boys, a harp and a mystery.

My friend Weldon Gray contacted me to take pictures of a harp that he found in his shop. I was so lucky to be part of this adventure that I wanted to share this amazing story with you.
Here in Weldon’s own words is the amazing story that happened to him. In this era of “fake news” it is so refreshing to read an actual account from someone’s personal experience.
Signed: Trent Watts (Photographer)

The Enchanted Harp (by Weldon Gray)

One day on my way to the shop, I noticed a rustling of leaves in our garden. Curious, I wanted to investigate. Much to my disbelief, I saw with my own eyes, a tiny unicorn and fairy hiding underneath a rhubarb leaf  huddled together trying not to be seen.
At that point I heard a commotion in the alley and I noticed 3 or 4 very excited boys with nets and gunnysacks looking around every corner and behind every fence as if they were trying to catch something. I looked back at the little creatures under the rhubarb leaf and realized what they were hiding from. I decided to protect them from the menacing posse fast approaching. Once the young urchins had passed us by and the danger was over, I looked back at my new friends and they looked very relaxed. The unicorn winked at me as the fairy waved, and they took off out of the shadows of the rhubarb plant into the sunlight and disappeared.
Realizing that I had just had an experience of a lifetime and that no one would believe me, including my wife, I decided to keep this little adventure to myself and went to work in my shop.
The very next day, as I came to work walking past the garden, nostalgic to relive such an unusual moment, I unlocked the door and walked in and found this beautiful enchanted harp.

I can only guess that it is a gift from the unicorns and fairies of the world for doing what they considered an enormous favour.
As I studied the harp, I became aware of all the magic that rules the world of unicorns and fairies.

Weldon Gray.

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