I have been interested in medieval instruments most of my life and have been actively building them for many years, from

       balalaikas to clarsachs, however, lutes seem to be my passion. I find the Hurdy Gurdy to be a fun instrument.

       I enjoy both building and playing them. The most recent lute out of my shop is the Lute of Illusions, fashioned after the lutes

       of the Bosch family from the 1500’s, which now resides in the Musee de la musique in Paris France.

       If you have a medieval instrument in mind Graylore Lutes can create it to your specifications.


       Click on the links below to view videos and photos of my work.


                                    FEATURE VIDEO:Weldon Gray Ancient Instruments

                                    NEW VIDEO produced by Canadian Woodworkers Magazine


                                    PHOTOS: taken for Canadian Woodworkers Magazine Article